Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sckoon Organics

I have been a fan of Sckoon Organics on Facebook

for months now and have learned quite a bit about their awesome products. They have clothing and cloth diapers for your baby, adorable pet apparel, and what interested me the most is their menstrual care products. Here's the icing on the cake, it's ALL organic! Yes, organic! No pesticides, bleaches, chemical dyes, they are all natural(-: I am a fan of using cloth instead of disposable when it comes to my baby and about 6 months ago switched myself to cloth, the difference is amazing. I have less cramping now and I feel more comfortable wearing cotton than that crunchy papery gel filled disposable pad. Sckoon also recently started carrying menstrual cups which I highly recommend if you are a tampon girl. I will never use a tampon again! So please check out their website

and go "like" Sckoon on facebook. Sckoon has weekly giveaways on facebook which are fun to participate in and the prizes are always very nice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Green Beans Facebook Giveaway

I love giveaways, especially anything to do with cloth diapering. I was on Facebook and came across this great new store to buy cloth diapers as well as other adorable items like hair bows, it's called So check them out on Facebook, there are some great prizes in this giveaway.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nicki's Diapers Giveaway Win a free dipe!

I just wanted to let you know that Nicki's Diapers is having a giveaway. The winner will receive a Bumkin's AIO cloth diaper in the Horton print. So head over to their blog and enter yourself.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost one, how did that happen?

May 13, 2009 was a day that changed our family forever. It was the day our youngest son Elijah was born. He was born weighing 10 lbs 13 oz and had a pouty lip like I had never seen before.
I had been tested for Group B strep and was negative, but strangely Elijah was born infected with this bacteria. He was very sick, his blood was infected and he had also contracted pneumonia from inhaling meconium. We were told he was on death's doorstep and the hospital priest came into his private room to pray with us because his chances of survival were so slim.
After 5 days on a ventilator he miraculously was taken off and for the next few days he continued to improve and was released on the 12th day.
We have always considered our children to be blessings from God, but Elijah's birth experience has made us cherish every moment we have with our children. I look at little Eli now and can't believe he is the same baby that we almost lost. He is so strong and has such an interesting personality. It's almost as if he knows something we don't, an old soul if you will. It was a rough year and it seemed to pass so slowly when I was living it, but now I look back and think "What happened?, How did we get here? Where did the time go?" I am not sure where the time went, but I feel more blessed than ever to have my 3 wonderful, healthy blessings.